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Folding the River, by Tory Root and Lily Benderskaya

Towering in the mountains over an endless desert, the last and greatest city on earth stands tall and proud. In the glittering heights, the rich and powerful hobnob and toast. Elizabeth Faulker II herself, C.E.O. of Faulker Power Limited, is hosting a small press conference and reception announcing a peacekeeping mission to the far southern reaches of the known world, led by the celebrated General Andreasson of her corporate army, who will be speaking tonight. And, of course, it is her dear son Cantwell's seventeenth birthday.

Below those towers, well...that's a different story. But who has time to worry about poverty, crime, and epidemics when they have a world to rule? Evenings like this have happened before, and the world has kept turning towards destruction. But perhaps not this time...

Folding the River is a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy game of power, passion, and desperation, which may or may not involve time travel. This game contains sexual content and lots of love plots, as well as war crimes and other dark subjects, and is recommended for mature players.

"Where's Spike? Where's Spike's shirt? Could the two be reunited and brought here, please?"
- a bureaucrat

While we will remain cryptic on the subject of time travel, you are free to draw your own conclusions. That aside, holy crap is this our densest and most complicated game to date, in terms of plot and mechanics. We kind of went nuts. But a lot of people like it, so hey. We've kind of been turning towards more plot-heavy games recently, since we've come to the conclusion that while we love twisty characters a lot, character and plot are not mutually exclusive, and can in fact, on a good day, feed into each other rather nicely in a pleasant and vaguely filthy reciprocal relationship. Or maybe we just think everything's filthy after writing some of the character sheets in this game.

The current version of Folding the River, version 1.1, is a game for twenty-two players (twelve male, eight female, two neutral) which runs for four hours, in three or four rooms, under the direction of three GMs.

Previous Runs

Version 1.0: March 2nd, 2012, at Intercon L in Chelmsford, MA. Our usual last-minute Intercon rush was unusually painful, resulting in us producing 150,000 words of material in about three weeks, stuffing the game by handing people individual items at the door, and dying repeatedly. Despite that, and despite some major flaws in a few character sheets that crippled a main villain and a crappy questionnaire that led to a few miscasts, the game went fairly well overall, and many fine adventures were had.
The very few photos I managed to get from this run will go up later.

Version 1.1: April 21st, 2012, at the Brandeis Festival of the LARPs in Waltham, MA. With more time to prepare, some villain-fixing, and a better questionnaire, this was a fucking epic run, hampered mainly by a few smaller bugs and one character showing their plot weaknesses. Which we can fix for the next run. But overall, fucking epic. It made the GM cry. And then we ran around flapping our hands and squeeing a lot. The end.
Our third GM, Lisa, was taking photos for this run, and I have no idea what she got, so that will come later as well.

Future Runs

No future runs are firmly scheduled, although we would definitely like to re-run this game sometime during 2012, as there is kind of huge demand. We have a few tweaks to make for the third run, mostly focused around information consistency and giving one character more plot.