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The All Crotchety Old Folks With Shotguns Game, by Lily Benderskaya and Tory Root

There's a neighborhood where the police don't go. Where gunshots sometimes ring in the streets. No, it ain't some run-down ghetto or nest of teenaged gangsters. It's a little winding suburban development, lawns and shrubbery, arbors and porches, with soft meows echoing from that crazy cat lady's house. But it's also a place full of old folks, and they're old folks that didn't go down easy. No nursing homes for them. Independent living for men and women old enough that they've paid all their dues and no longer give a damn about what other people think. And, one and all, they're armed and dangerous...

The All Crotchety Old Folks With Shotguns Game - does exactly what it says on the tin!

"Snookums runs across the lawn, Jesus in his mouth."
- a GM

Our first experiment with a purely cracky game. We blame this entirely on Brad, who is neither short nor a fangirl, but who somehow still came up with the brilliant idea of a game consisting entirely of crotchety old people with shotguns. Why we did not come up with this genius plan earlier is beyond us. We promptly bid the game, forgot about it, wrote it two days before the con while drunk, printed it that morning, and forgot a stack of item cards. We wanted this to be an experience, you see.

The current version of The All Crotchety Old Folks With Shotguns Game, version 1.0, is a game for eleven players (two male, two female, seven neutral) which runs for one hour, in one average-sized room, under the direction of one or two GMs.

Previous Runs

Version 1.0: November 20th, 2010, at SLAW at WPI in Worcester, MA. People had fun and died, which is about what we expected. The changes we plan to implement for next run are more runtime logistics than anything else (bringing some NPCs out earlier, because yes, this game has NPCs), but by and large it fulfilled its goal of being an extended Ten Bad.
Photos of this game! I didn't have a chance to get many, but here they are.

Future Runs

None planned at the moment, although this game is easily run at the drop of a hat, so you never know. We should probably fix the typos though. Or maybe not.